Langhe Chardonnay

Controlled Origin Denomination


Grape variety: Chardonnay 100%

Soil: 38% clay, 47% slit, 15% sand

Average vineyard age: 30 years

Average production: 90


Vinification off the skins: soft pressing of the grapes, static decantation of the cold must, alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature

Malolactic fermentation: not performed

Maturing: in stainless steel “sur lies“ for 5 – 6 months, and in the bottle for 2 months


Colour: bright, pale straw yellow with greenish nuances

Nose: clear-cut and expansive, showing banana, pineapple and honey

Taste: full-bodied, round, very well-balanced, with long, pleasing finish

Pairings: with all hors-d’oeuvres in general

Langhe Chardonnay
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